The power factor is a qualitative and quantitative indicator of the correct use of electric energy. It describes the amount of energy that has become work. This in turn varies according to consumption and the type of load of the units.

Its state or ideal value is one (1) which means that the energy consumed by all devices is transformed into work. A value below one (1) indicates that there is greater energy consumption to perform a certain function.

Power and its types

Now power means the ability of a team to perform a job, or in other words is the reason for transformation, variation and transfer of energy per unit of time. In physical terms you can show it when a computer is turned on and little by little it stops working despite being connected to an electrical outlet. Increase or decrease its intensity.

There are three types of powers that must be taken into account:

  • The active power: It is the useful energy that the equipment consumes to be transformed into another type of energy such as thermal, light or mechanical. It is expressed in Watts.
  • Reactive power: It is used to generate magnetic field and store electromagnetic field. This power is expressed in Volts reactive amps.
  • Apparent power: It is the product of the voltage applied to the energy consumption demanded. Which is expressed in Volts ampers?

When some of them fail or start to present low power factor there is higher energy consumption and therefore an increase in electricity bills.

In addition, additional problems such as overloads in transformers and power distribution lines may occur, which could leave several homes without service. Correcting these types of problems helps to increase the life of the installations, increase the availability of transformer power and reduce the voltage drop.

Therefore, it is very important to evaluate the Electrical power factor in homes, establishments and companies to guarantee efficient energy consumption and therefore reduce unnecessary consumption payments.

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