Tesla began the production of its expected solar tiles generating electricity that Elon Musk says will transform the solar industry. There are several types of tiles of this type with different designs, and the truth is that none resemble the conventional solar panels at first sight.

Tesla’s own website highlights that Solar Roof integrates perfectly into the design of your home and converts the energy of the sun into electricity. Thanks to the integration with the Power wall battery, the energy collected during the day is stored and available at all times, allowing you to convert your home into your own supply network.

“Tempered glass solar tiles are so durable that they are guaranteed throughout the life of the house, or to infinity, whichever comes first,” they highlight on its website.

The manufacture of textured glass tiles began last December at Tesla’s Giga factory 2 in Buffalo, New York, according to a statement sent by the company based in Palo Alto, California.

It takes place four months after the plant, built with the backing of the State of New York, began the manufacture of solar panels and cells, more than a year after Tesla revealed this project wrapped in a combination of boasting and skepticism.

The attraction is that it is a smart and clean solar product, especially for owners looking to replace aging ceilings. The tiles, from most angles, look like common tiles. They allow light to pass from above and into a standard flat solar cell. Tesla, the largest US installer of rooftop solar systems, has already taken the product to the homes of several of its employees.

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Solar tiles cost more than a conventional roof that includes typical photovoltaic panels, but not as “extremely” higher than people think, says Hugh Bromley, an analyst with Bloomberg New Energy Finance based in New York.

“It could actually work well in foreign markets where solar PV is cheap and owners are used to paying a premium for construction materials and cars, like Australia,” says Bromley.

New York has pledged $ 750 million to help build the Buffalo factory, which currently employs about 500 people. The plant will at some point generate nearly 3,000 jobs in western New York and nearly 5,000 in the entire state, Governor Andrew Cuomo said in 2015.