The multinational Siemens developed an intelligent drone that will allow monitoring and inspecting pipes, large industrial facilities and high voltage electrical distribution systems in Mexico, in order to detect faults or problems that put at risk said facilities.

Alejandro Preinfalk, Vice President of Energy Management, Building Technologies & Mobility of Siemens Mexico and Central America, highlighted that the new systematic inspection system being developed by Siemens uses drones and 3D image analysis to monitor installations of the electric network, among others.

The executive explained that portable sensors emit data of the state of the network, which combined with the images obtained from the color and infrared cameras installed in the drone, create a complete map in real time of the infrastructure situation, which will serve to monitor, generate diagnoses and make decisions in real time.

Drones are unmanned aerial vehicles that are generating a great demand among the public and companies.

Currently, this type of technology is demanded mainly to monitor pipes, reduce energy consumption in buildings, and monitor transport infrastructure, said Preinfalk.

Energy Reform Attracts Investments

With respect to the current monitoring of pipelines, which are currently the main energy supply routes and it is essential to guarantee their correct maintenance, most of them are underground.

However, they are very expensive and cannot reach conflicting areas, so this type of drones guarantee to reach all types of surfaces and covering large areas at a lower cost.

In the same way, offices and industrial plants today consume a lot of energy through heating. This heat must remain in the infrastructures and not escape through poorly insulated areas.