Lightning Rod System – Its importance. Since the rays produce serious thermal, electrical and mechanical effects of the electric shock generated in just hundredths of seconds.

The lightning rod system is a device consisting of a metal tube made of stainless steel, aluminum or copper, which is used to ensure a route of conduction of electrical energy to the earth. Since the rays themselves are electrical reactions created by the saturation of electrostatic charges that have originated during a storm.

It is known that a single beam can carry 20 GW of power, what is necessary to light 100 million light bulbs in less than a second of time. Its high electrical intensity is capable of producing cardiac or respiratory arrest in humans. So it is not a security issue that can be left for later.

According to the Global Meteorology Detection System every day on the planet, 44,000 storms occur and an average of 8,000,000 rays are generated, which is indicative of the electrical activity of the atmosphere, which is increasingly affected by Climate changes.

And since the life of man develops under the clouds, which is where all these electric shocks are generated, it is convenient to eradicate the myths and give way to security over irrational fears.

Lightning rod system: Myths vs. realities

The lightning rod systems have been surrounded by a veil of myths and fears of popular culture that discredit their importance and relevance in society. As per examples:

Lightning does not fall twice in the same place: Yes, it can. Since the rays are directed to the areas that are easier for them according to the principles of electricity, so you can repeat a certain landing site.

The lightning rod system does not protect, it exposes: Many people feel that they take a risk by placing a lightning rod, when in reality this is the best ideal means to safely channel the energy generated by the lightning to the earth. Since being located in the heights, where the electrical charges originate, they can absorb the energy and divert it safely.

Therefore, none of these arguments have a logical or scientific proof that indicates their danger to daily life. Contrary to what can happen, if there is no lightning rod system that channels the electrical energies emitted by the atmosphere. Remember that prevention is to live longer.

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