A transformer converts the high voltage into low voltage. Transformers are often used to convert 10 or 20 kV mains voltage to a voltage level that is useful for your organization. This is usually 400V. Kenter offers a wide range of transformers up to 3150 kVA. Our transformers are suitable for your energy supply and energy generation.

You can choose from various types of transformers:

  • Oil Filled Transformers
  • Cast Resin Filled Transformers
  • Non-standard transformers

Read more about the differences between these types of transformers below.

Oil Filled Transformers

In this type of transformer, oil is used in the transformer as an insulating medium. This is to prevent electrical breakdown and to dissipate the heat that is generated.

Cast Resin Filled Transformers

This type of transformer uses cast resin as an insulating medium to protect against electrical breakdown. A cast resin transformer is often used for higher fire safety or in water extraction areas to exclude soil contamination. The cast resin transformer is air-cooled and is also called a ‘dry transformer’ because it does not contain oil as a cooling medium.

Non-standard transformers

For use with wind and solar energy, a transformer with a different output voltage may be required. Think of 800 or 690 Volts. You can also contact the well-known manufacturer of these transformers! We arrange it for you.