Fulfilling the promise of optimizing all operations in our clients’ facilities, we offer solutions for energy quality analysis with results that guarantee the correct operation of all equipment.

As the electrical quality is an indicator of the level of adequacy of the installation to support and guarantee an excellent operation of its loads, we offer advanced electrical quality analyzers that allow detecting and recording all the details of electrical disturbances, through the analysis of trends and Effective verification of the quality of the electricity supply according to its class, all this during user-defined intervals, thus generating a complete analysis for the operational improvement of the company.

The importance of power quality

Doing an analysis of the power quality in your plant is the first step; in this way it is possible to identify the problem and make the correct decision.

The electrical quality is an indicator of the adequacy level of the electrical installation to support and guarantee a reliable operation in the loads. An electrical disturbance or event can affect voltage, current or frequency. Electrical disturbances can originate at the user’s premises, the loads, or the power company.

What is an electrical disturbance?

Electrical disturbances are defined in terms of magnitude and duration. These disturbances range from microseconds to power outages that go on for hours.

What about an electrical disturbance?

An electrical disturbance causes the supply to exceed the operating limits and the installed equipment to malfunction or even be damaged.

How can a bad power supply affect me?

  • Loss of production – Every time production is interrupted; your business loses money due to products that are not made or sold.
  • Damaged Products: Interruptions can damage products in the manufacturing process, causing them to have to be reworked or rejected.
  • CFE fines: electricity companies can apply penalties for low power factors or high consumption peaks.

What I can do?

Doing an analysis of the quality of energy in your plant is the first step. By doing a good energy quality study in your electrical installation you will be able to identify where the problem is. And with it make the right decision.