Power Quality Analysis

The electrical quality is an indicator of the adequacy level of the installation to guarantee and support that the operation of its loads is viable. When we talk about the quality of electrical energy, we are referring to both the quality of the voltage and current signals and the reliability of the electrical energy service. It is important to perform a power quality analysis for safety, energy cost savings, greater accuracy on the electric bill, and troubleshooting. Before incorporating a new electrical load into an existing panel, a load study must be carried out to determine if there is sufficient capacity to do so.

This can avoid overloading an existing outlet, ensuring greater safety and reliability. The load study involves the use of an electric logger to document current load levels over time. Saving on electrical energy costs is the most attractive advantage of energy analysis. The costs for a poor energy supply can be very high, these can cause production losses every time it is interrupted, your company loses money because there are products that cannot be manufactured or sold. Likewise, electricity companies can apply penalties for low power factors or high consumption peaks.

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Power quality analysis Improvement Measures:

The quality of the energy can be improved by taking action on three levels:

  1. User’s electrical system
  2. Equipment connected to system
  3. Main Grid Supply

Advantages of effectual PQA:

The Power quality analysis final report provides a complete picture of the electrical system’s correct state of operation. The report is a tool of primary significance for protective maintenance, in that it lists all the measures to be taken promptly when disturbances are detected, before the negative impact on production and the running of the equipment is felt.

Power Quality Analysis Services in India

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