FAQ – Frequently asked questions about transformers

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Why do some transformers make a humming noise? You may hear a humming noise when the transformer is operating. This is due to the mechanical vibrations it produces. This is only audible under certain circumstances, for example when a transformer for a lighting system is mounted between a ceiling or wall. Hollow spaces can [...]

Types of distribution transformers

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A distribution transformer is understood to be all those transformers whose power is 500 KVA or less and their voltages are 23,000 V or less. This class of distribution transformers are often used for the electrical supply of apartment blocks, warehouses, shopping centers and rural areas. To choose properly, you must know well the [...]

Advantages of High Efficiency Transformers

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The transformers are static electric machines, whose mission is to increase or decrease the voltage in an electrical circuit. When the value of the electric voltage rises to obtain a higher voltage to the transformer, it is called an elevator; if on the contrary the value of the voltage is reduced and delivered to [...]

Benefits of High Efficiency Transformer

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In a Test Laboratory, with the electrical installation and the installed transformer, voltage variations appeared and, sometimes, the electric current was interrupted by the loads that were required. The objective was to reduce the cost of the energy consumed in order to be more efficient in its use. Situations to solve Eliminate voltage variations [...]

High Efficiency Transformers

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Transformers are one of the main components of electrical circuits. Whether to raise or decrease the power voltage, having high-efficiency equipment allows you to increase your operational capabilities, resulting in fewer energy losses. Although its initial cost is higher, operating costs decrease and make them a good option for various installations Thanks to the [...]

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