Know the benefits of implementing solar energy in your company

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Tax relief, savings in operating costs and reduced carbon footprint are just some of the reasons why implementing solar energy can be a great option. Aware of their social responsibility and the need to reduce their carbon footprint, companies are increasingly talking about sustainable development, concentrating on fine-tuning their methods and implementing technologies that allow [...]


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One of the challenges that companies continually face, especially those that carry out production processes that require a lot of energy, is the continuous increase in the price of electricity. This makes them progressively less competitive. And it is also one of the reasons, but not the only one, why there are more and [...]

New solar technologies that you probably do not know

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In this post we will review five novel proposals that involve an evolution of photovoltaic cells or simply propose a disruptive technology, which has nothing to do with them. Finding revolutionary solutions when extracting solar energy would depend, above all, on its potential for its generalization. For this it would be necessary to find a [...]

Tesla Starts Production of its Solar Tiles

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Tesla began the production of its expected solar tiles generating electricity that Elon Musk says will transform the solar industry. There are several types of tiles of this type with different designs, and the truth is that none resemble the conventional solar panels at first sight. Tesla's own website highlights that Solar Roof integrates [...]

53GW in Solar Capacity in China Boosted Global Investment in Clean Energy

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Mexico City (Bloomberg Special / Energy Today) Global investment in clean energy reached US $ 333.5 billion last year, an increase of 3% over 2016 and the second highest historically, with an accumulated investment of US $ 2.5 billion since 2010. An extraordinary boom in photovoltaic installations made 2017 a record year for the [...]