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Difference between thermal key and circuit breaker

Before entering the article, it is important that you know the functionalities that thermal switches and circuit breakers fulfill. Both serve to cut the electricity. They are an essential element of security within the electrical installations in our homes and businesses. Circuit breakers They are those automatic electricity switches. They are responsible for protecting [...]

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What is the electrical panel and everything you need to know?

The electrical panel of the house is the most important part of the electrical installation of any home. It is commonly known as " the spreads " or even, older the term " the leads." These two expressions make references to elements that they contain. Actually, the correct name would be General Command and [...]

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What are circuit breakers and how to use them?

Circuit breakers are commonly known as automatic ones. It is an essential element of any electrical installation. It is what protects the entire installation, hence its importance as a first-rate security element. Any rise in voltage or overload will be detected by the circuit breaker and will cut off the current, protecting the rest [...]

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