One of the challenges that companies continually face, especially those that carry out production processes that require a lot of energy, is the continuous increase in the price of electricity. This makes them progressively less competitive. And it is also one of the reasons, but not the only one, why there are more and more solar panels in companies, especially on roofs.

Here are some of the most important benefits of installing solar panels in companies:

Savings on electricity bills

The most obvious, but perhaps also the most important. With the rise in electricity and the decrease in the cost of photovoltaic material, the degree of penetration of this technology is increasing.

Having a photovoltaic self-consumption installation translates into a lower electricity bill, and therefore, in economic savings.

Both this percentage of savings and the repayment period can be really positive in companies that consume a large amount of electricity. In addition, the useful life of photovoltaic installations is long and their maintenance is quite simple.

Green energy

The sustainability is a factor increasingly valued by our society. Even leaving aside the commitments to reduce emissions that emanate from Europe (an already relevant reason in order to pivot towards renewable), investing in green energy also means investing in brand image , transmitting a positive message to our potential customers.

It goes without saying that this eventual use in the form of marketing must go hand in hand with adequate promotions that make this fact visible. A customer who does not know that we consume green energy cannot appreciate this fact.


The aforementioned reduction in emissions of CO₂ and other greenhouse effect gases (GHG) and polluting agents is positive for society as a whole and contributes to the fight to mitigate climate change, as well as to improve the quality of the air we breathe.

All these reasons can serve not only as a message for the client, but also to keep employees more committed and motivated with our business project.

Use of renewable resources

Spain is the country in Europe with the best solar resource for its exploitation through photovoltaic solar technology. Therefore, whoever has a good cover with the appropriate morphology has “a treasure”. Why not take advantage of it? Why not install solar panels in companies?


Generally, any company destined to dimension and install your photovoltaic system will do so according to the needs of your specific project. Taking into account your consumption, the curve of those consumption (hours in which it occurs, peaks, etc.), so there is no doubt that this technology can be adapted to most cases.

On the other hand, the investment can be scaled. Although there is a large consumption, the entire deck does not have to be filled with plates, an installation can be carried out and the equipment can be suitably sized to put more plates, and therefore more installed power, later on.

Possibility of benefiting from subsidies

Periodically, subsidies and tax exemptions arise both at national and regional level. Both for the domestic and industrial environments.

These measures aimed at improving the competitiveness of our industrial fabric and also in order to reduce our emissions, can contribute significantly to facing the initial investment of the installation of solar panels in companies.