Welcome To System Protection

Ensuring a constant blood flow in your body is the doctors’ job, ensuring a constant power supply to your industrial plants is ours. And we take our job seriously. We at System Protection are a team of experienced and enthusiastic professionals who ensure that your operations are safe, economic and efficient. Our core expertise lies in performing vital and reliable field services in the areas of Electrical Testing, Commissioning, Maintenance and Consulting. A brief overview of our diverse set of services is as below :

  • Testing and Commissioning services related to Protective and Numerical Relays, LV/MV/HV Panels, Switchyard Equipments, etc.
  • Maintenance Services for all Indoor & Outdoor substations including Relays, Panels, Circuit Breakers, Other Switchyard Equipment, etc.
  • Retrofitting and Repairing services.
  • Consultancy services related to Relay Co-ordination & System Studies, Switchyard Design and Engineering, Tender Engineering, etc.
  • Training Programs on Relaying & Protection Engineering.

We work with the latest tools and equipment, ensuring the delivery of the highest quality of Services. We have served over 200 major industrial clients, in Oil & Gas, Cement, Government, Fertilizers and various other core and non-core Sectors. We are headquartered in Vadodara (Gujarat), India, but our exposure is not limited to National Industries. We are leaving a global footprint with clients in various nations like Tanzania, Paraguay, UAE, Kuwait, Nepal, Bangladesh, etc.

Our Achievement

Business Model Innovation

We entered the market in 2002 in Electric Testing & Maintenance – a field that is entirely uninteresting to the casual market observer! The players in this market were reactionary and engaged only when called upon in a crisis. System Protection created value with the first-ever Managed Services offering in the Electric Relaying & Protection Engineering domain. System Protection started expanding the boundaries and changing the game by employing only selected first-class Engineers as against a bunch of Diploma holder footmen. By introducing tactical innovations like Health checkups and predictive system failure reports, System Protection engineers were now creating new value and system-level insights for over 40% of the industrial clients in Gujarat alone.

Industry Leadership

System Protection is a single-window solution provider and undisputed Electrical Systems Engg Company for the 415 V to 400 kV industries. This means that today we are ensuring a constant power supply for the Oil, Cement, Power Generation, Power Transmission, Pharmaceuticals and Mass Transit Systems – the very fabric of our national infrastructure. We’re probably the 1st Company in this segment to introduce a dedicated 24/7 Electrical Emergency Helpline No. where our Services are ensured within ‘zero time’, particularly in case of Breakdown, when we literally stretch ourselves beyond limits to keep the industries running.

Service Excellence

System Protection has started employing the best practices of other industries like IT, for employee retention and talent grooming. Sports facilities and training trips in a start-up, that too in the field of Electrical Engineering Services are unheard of. The engineering teams are constantly being nominated for training at various Companies to learn the cutting edge shaping the future. At the same time, simulated market visits enable them to be backwards compatible with the erstwhile OEMs. Today, after a decade, System Protection employees are amongst only 10 such groups in the Indian subcontinent specializing in the past and the future of Electrical Systems Management.

Our Happy Clients