Mexico City (Redaction / Energy Today) Thanks to the Energy Reform, investments in the country will reach 100 billion dollars. The benefits for our country are remarkable:

In the Electricity Sector, three clean energy auctions have been carried out that have attracted investments for the country in the next three years for about 8 thousand 600 million dollars.

With this investment, 65 new solar and wind power plants will be built, which means that almost half of the states will have at least one clean energy plant.

As for upcoming tenders, the first electrical transmission line that will interconnect the state of Baja California with the rest of the country is underway. It will be the first transmission line to be financed with private resources,

In the coming months, they will be carried out: a medium-term electricity auction and another clean energy auction.

These achievements of the Energy Reform provide the basis for the country’s electricity generation matrix in the coming years to reach 49% of clean energy.

Electrical Protection Engineering

In the Hydrocarbons Sector, exploration and extraction contracts have been signed for 59 billion dollars.

For the construction of gas pipelines, an investment of 12 billion dollars is planned, with which it will have the largest expansion in its history, since there will be 7 thousand 800 kilometers of new gas pipelines.

While 2 billion dollars are being invested in seismic.

Three oil auctions will be held in the coming months:

  • Deepwater (January)
  • Shallow waters (March)
  • Conventional land (January)

With these results, the success of the Energy Reform is reaffirmed; a transformation for the good of the country, with more clean energy, at more competitive prices and that also represents more employment and more development for Mexico.