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New solar technologies that you probably do not know

In this post we will review five novel proposals that involve an evolution of photovoltaic cells or simply propose a disruptive technology, which has nothing to do with them. Finding revolutionary solutions when extracting solar energy would depend, above all, on its potential for its generalization. For this it would be necessary to find a [...]

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Original alternatives to typical wind turbines

In addition to these drawbacks, new technologies are always trying to find more efficient designs, so the search for alternatives to typical wind turbines is a very common approach. The results of the different proposals, however, shine for their originality. Let's see some of them, whether wind turbines without blades or with blades that [...]

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Solar panda farm

But, is this characteristic always an inconvenience? This peculiar solar farm, shaped like a panda, proves that it is not. A visual surprise that surprises when seen from a bird's eye view. As if that were not enough, the company that has driven it plans to build a hundred similar facilities throughout the country. [...]

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Advantages of a Transformer

For a firm that requires uninterrupted and high electricity it is preferable to implement an energy transformer and, as a consequence, to prevent the tightness of force in the device that is using the light. A firm of good profitability must have its own electric transformer, in this way it is obtained the strength, the [...]

Solar Energy Pros and Cons

Pros and cons of Solar Energy If you are considering an installation of solar panels, there are several ways to inform us of the advantages and disadvantages that this implies, either through the multiple articles that can be found on the network or by contacting a professional directly. But, to be able to make [...]

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High Quality Transformers

A firm of eminent performance must counter with its corresponding power transformer, thus ensuring the domain of the energy, the goodness of increasing or decreasing the voltage of electric force is supported by reiterating the work done in the electrical distribution. All Transformers are necessary for the affordable management of light that is handled in [...]

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