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What is the quality of electrical energy? System Protection

The quality of electrical energy is a concept that can be defined as a state of balance between the characteristics of energy consumption of the devices and the energy supply, under appropriate conditions that allow maintaining the continuity of the electrical flow, without deteriorating or generating failures the equipment components. The emphasis on “can be [...]

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What do we understand by Electric Power Factor? System Protection

The power factor is a qualitative and quantitative indicator of the correct use of electric energy. It describes the amount of energy that has become work. This in turn varies according to consumption and the type of load of the units. Its state or ideal value is one (1) which means that the energy [...]

Protect yourself with a Lightning Rod System | System Protection

Lightning Rod System - Its importance. Since the rays produce serious thermal, electrical and mechanical effects of the electric shock generated in just hundredths of seconds. The lightning rod system is a device consisting of a metal tube made of stainless steel, aluminum or copper, which is used to ensure a route of conduction [...]

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Predictive Electrical Maintenance | Advantages & Disadvantages

Predictive maintenance is organized monitoring with periodic or continuous measurement of system status variables and their comparison with pre-established patterns. As a result, it is possible to determine when the preventive maintenance intervention should be performed. ADVANTAGE Optimal determination of the time to perform preventive maintenance: the use reserve of parts and equipment is maximized, [...]

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Types of Electrical Maintenance for your Company | System Protection

At present, it is no longer enough to produce enough products to sell or have enough personnel to meet the demand for services. The challenge of companies goes much further. Ensuring low costs to maximize profitability is a constant challenge for companies. Therefore, guaranteeing the reliability of the electrical system is essential to meet these [...]

Technique for the Design of Electrical Systems | System Protection

A methodology for the elaboration of projects of the electrical systems. Plan The development of projects for electrical systems basically consists of providing an arrangement of conductors, materials and equipment of all kinds, in order to use electrical energy safely and efficiently from the source of supply to the last utility: lamps, motors and [...]